Walls are Insulated!  In this project, the Unger’s decided to go with what is called the “Flash & Batt” insulation method.  This type of application is were you use two inches of spray foam insulation with 4″ of fiberglass insulation.  This is one of the most effective insulation methods used!  The two inches of spray-foam insulation goes directly on the exterior of the walls, then the fiberglass batt insulation is installed at the interior (note the attached drawing borrowed from the green building advisor’s website).  The two inches of spray foam insulation is an excellent way to help stop air penetration, coupled with the four inches of fiberglass insulation, providing you with an R.26 total value!  This is a incredible way to build a tight, energy efficient home!  Check out more on the “Flash and Batt” insulation method here www.greenbuildingadvisor.com Flash%20and%20batt%20illo%20-%20FHB

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