Today I will be continuing our mini-series on home organization with our focus on closets. It’s easy if you are not sure where something belongs to shove it into a closet to be dealt with later.  Remember that Friends episode where Chandler opens Monica’s secret closet.  LOL, somedays I feel we have some of that going on.

                As mentioned previously editing plays a huge role in closet maintenance.  Think very hard before keeping something because you might need it again in 5 years or someday it might fit you.  I love opening a well-organized closet door where everything has its place and most items are visible.  That does means purging regularly.  Some items have their time and season but as children grow out of well-loved games and clothes it isn’t practical to hold onto everything. I love the uniform look of coordinating baskets to keep items tucked away but accessible.  Having shelves custom built to your needs is the perfect way to get everything stored in a well-organized manner.  Thankfully they are an easy weekend project to do and most of our closets have custom built-ins. 


               One area that has always been frustrating to me is the perfect way to stay organized with games and kids craft supplies.  Pinterest is always the place to go when inspiration is needed.  I just came across a great idea of storing games sideways.  I am going to give this a try.  I can see it eliminating the stress of the whole stack tumbling when you’re trying to pull out the one on the bottom.  The board games in bags is an idea I previously saw on The Home Edit and while it’s great if you have limited storage space something about getting rid of all the boxes gives me anxiety. 

This contains an image of: Game Closet Organization (Before & After)


        You can never go wrong with clear storage bins with labels.  And once you invest in a labeler I hear you feel the need to label everything in your home.  This is perfect for your home office or a craft closet. 



               A custom closet is the way to make every girls dreams come true.   It’s very hard to see your clothes in a full messy closet.  If you’ve never watched The Home Edit and Marie Kondo I can’t recommend them enough.  Once our drawers were over-hauled we never went back.  Keeping clothes organized and in color order makes some in our family so much happier than others. 


               I feel inspired to tackle a few neglected spaces and also give a certain closet a new coat of white paint to brighten up the space. 

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