We have heard many of our customers say that they just can’t visualize their home when they are looking at the drawings.  Because of my construction background, it is hard for me to remember this.  We recognized this need for visual aid, so we updated our 3-D program, making it easier to do 3-D viewings of our designs.  3-D views can be done from any angle of the exterior of your home and through-out the complete interior of your home.  We can also send you snapshots of the interior or exterior of your home by email to help you visualize an area that you may have a question about. 

   We also use 3-D views as a visual aid to help you choose exterior veneers and colors.  We have a wide range of materials and colors to chose from.  Our library also contains several brands of siding, stone, brick and shingles along with a library of paint colors.  We also have a library that contains varies styles of windows and doors.  All these items will help you visualize how you want your home to look.

  This spring is a great time to start planing for that summer project.  We would love to help you with your design work.  Using our new visual aid technology, we can help you design that porch, deck, addition or a complete home makeover!  Let us help you visualize your next project here at Eby’s Drafting and Design


Craftsman Style Home Makeover


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