If you are looking for a new “crafty” project to decorate your home with, or you are looking for remodeling ideas, Pinterest is a great place to look.  We like to use Pinterest for many layout ideas, from room layouts to Exterior Designs.

Pinterest can also be a great place to start getting the “Visual” many folks need.  Many of us have trouble understanding exactly what we are describing when we are talking about “reverse gables” or “dormers”.  Because of this we like to use pictures as a visual when discussing design ideas.  I really like when our customers build a Pinterest folder for their project.  This really helps us when we are designing their new home/addition, because we can then put their ideas into their home design.

Checking out on-line sites like Pinterest or Houzz can help you put your ideas together.  This also helps your designer get a clear idea of the design your are looking for.  Everyone has a different view in mind when you say “Craftsman Style Home” or “Cottage Style Home”  so using a visual can really help you when explaining your dreams to your draftsman.

One project that we used Pinterest for ideas was on a customer’s front porch design.  Our customer found a picture on Pinterest of a front porch, that she wanted to add to her home.  We then used the detail/idea’s from this front porch and incorporated them into her design.

What a difference a new portico makes! Beautiful stonework leads to the front door updated with a stunning glass insert. Stately columns rise to the roof, which pops with burgundy — an ideal accent for the new, creamy brick color.Front Porch

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