In the spring many of us begin looking at our never-ending list of projects that need to be done around the house.  If your like me, you will put most of these projects onto the back burner and do what you enjoy doing best.  Chris and I enjoy sitting on our deck in the evening with a fire in the fireplace, reading the latest blog on Houzz and talking about our dream house.  This spring as we got out our deck furniture, we realized that it has “seen better days”.  Now, I always knew that we had a lot of unused space on our deck, but couldn’t get Chris to agree.  So we drew our existing deck layout into Chief Architect, then added furniture in 3-D to see how much room we really had!  After many different furniture layouts we were able to agree what patio furniture we could buy and how to best place it onto our patio.

Over View

Deck Layout

Now, if you are like my wife, you may have trouble visualizing how large (or small) a room really is by simply looking at a blue print.  But keep in mind, during the design process, you are able to see how a room looks in 3-D.  This will help you better understand whether a room is large enough or not.  With 3-D renderings you can see in each of your rooms to determine if your room is the size you need it to be.  Another way to do this is to take your drawings and measure out the rooms you have now to see if each bedroom or your great room is adequate.

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