Happy New Year from the Eby Drafting and Design family. We hope you have all been staying healthy. It’s been fairly quite around here the past few months. We have been adjusting to life with a newborn and soaking up those first precious months that fly by so fast.

Crew Harrison Eby joined our family on September 4th 2020. He has been such a laid back easy going baby and made our transition to 5 kid fairly easy.

We had a very busy 2020 and used the stay at home time to prepare for our baby. In the spring we put in a pool and then moved onto finishing off basement space to create a gorgeous new room for the girls. Finally did a few quick changes to the nursery.

The winter months are a great time to sit back and dream about those projects you want to get done this year. We are personally not planning to tackle anything too big this year but would love to help you with your dreams and visions for the space you call home.

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