thAh, December!  There is always so much to do between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  If you are like me, you always  wait to do your shopping till after Thanksgiving, because it just doesn’t feel quite like Christmas yet!  Then, on top of it all, there are some last min. projects that need to be done around the house to prepare you for the cold winter months; along with putting up the Christmas decorations of course.  I have an on-going list of chores (or as my wife calls it my “Honey Do list”) from raking the leaves to doing some painting/caulking around the outside of the house.  Then there are those chores that are more important and shouldn’t be procrastinated (something I do a lot of!) like cleaning the chimney to checking the batteries in smoke detectors.  These two go hand-in-hand if you are using a heating source that involves fire.  This month,  Houzz was kind enough to remind me of my list in one of their latest articles.  Anyway, I hope you find time in your busy schedule to enjoy yourself, enjoy your family and friends, and get to a few of the chores on your list!

To read the article on houzz, follow this link: Your December Home Checklist

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