Design Facelift

Looking for a Design Facelift for Your Space?

Potential clients who have existing, older homes have several options these days.

They can keep it as is and live with aging structure; try and sell it as is; upgrade the home and keep it; or upgrade it and work to sell it for top dollar.

At Eby’s Drafting and Design, we can help with the last two options.

We have done many designs for updating homes that have not stood up well to the needs and wants of people shopping for homes in today’s real estate market. We call this a DESIGN FACELIFT.

People thinking of selling often forget about making cost-efficient changes to raise the value and/or curb appeal that will lead to a quicker and more lucrative sale of their property.  Sometimes all it takes is to add a few interesting details to the front of a home to make it jump to the top of a prospective buyer’s list. We will be glad to come out and work with a client on a facelift design at their home.  We give several design options; detail the design; and then finalize the plans with the client so contractors can give a detailed quote on the work to be done.

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